Red Eclipse features 5 playable game modes which can be further customised through mutators. Along with the cooperative map editor and a demo viewer to playback previously recorded matches.

Basic Gameplay

Default gameplay consists of two teams placed within the level which compete against each other to score the most points within the set time limit.


In most games all players are equipped with a pistol and two of their favorite loadout weapons. Furthermore, explosive weapons can be collected in the arena, such as grenades and mines, to bolster their offensive abilities. See the main article on weapons here.


Red Eclipse features a parkour system, that allows you to navigate maps in many different ways. See the main article on parkour here.


Icon Team Default Colour
Team Alpha Blue
Team Omega Red

Team swapping

In some gamemodes where teams are present, the server may randomly swap some players onto the opposing team in the event the teams are unbalanced.


An affinity is an object in game which can be collected to score points, such as a flag or a ball. In game modes Capture the Flag and Bomber Ball, you can throw the affinity to your teammates by pressing [F].

Friendly fire

By default friendly fire is enabled. Make sure not to injure your own teammates otherwise you will lose points for both yourself and your team. If you deal too much damage to your own teammates you will be warned, before eventually being kicked from the server.

Half time

Some maps will have a layout that is not perfectly symmetrical where one team may have a slight advantage. To counteract this for balance, the server may automatically swap the teams spawn points when the time limit reaches halftime.

Game Modes

Icon Mode Description
Demo Play back previously recorded games
Editing Create and edit existing maps
Deathmatch Shoot to kill and increase score by fragging
Capture the Flag Take the enemy flag and return it to the base to score
Defend and Control Defend control points to score
Bomber Ball Carry the bomb into the enemy goal to score
Race Compete for the fastest time completing a lap


Gameplay can be further customised by enabling mutators to create some unique game mode combinations.

Icon Mutator Description
FFA Every player for themselves
Coop Players versus drones
Instagib One hit kills instantly
Medieval Players spawn only with swords
Kaboom Players spawn with explosives only
Duel One on one battles to determine the winner
Survivor Players battle to determine the winner
Classic Weapons must be collected from spawns in the arena
Onslaught Waves of enemies fill the battle arena
Vampire Deal damage to regenerate health
Resize Players change size depending on their health
Hard Radar and health regeneration is disabled
Arena Players are able to carry all weapons at once

An example of how mutators work to change the gameplay:

Selecting the game mode, Deathmatch, along with the following mutators:

This will create a game mode where players are not on teams, they only spawn with the sword, one hit kills instantly and there is no radar present.

The above example will be abbreviated as FF-In-Me-Ha-Deathmatch for the active game mode being played.

Game mode specific mutators

Additional mutators which can only be enabled in specific game modes.

Icon Mode Mutator Description
Deathmatch Gladiator Fight in a confined area with increased pushback from damage
Deathmatch Old School Every frag only gives you a single point, like the old days
Capture the Flag Quick Dropped flags instantly return to base
Capture the Flag Defend Dropped flags must be defended until they reset
Capture the Flag Protect Protect the flag and hold the enemy flag to score
Defend and Control Quick Control points secure quicker than normal
Defend and Control King Remain king of the hill to score
Bomber Ball Hold Hold the bomb as long as possible to score
Bomber Ball Basket Throw the bomb into the enemy goal to score
Bomber Ball Assault Teams take turns attacking and defending
Race Lapped Compete for the most number of laps
Race Endurance Laps must be completed without dying at all
Race Gauntlet Teams take turns running the gauntlet