In most games all players are equipped with a pistol and two of their favorite loadout weapons. Furthermore, explosive weapons can be collected in the arena, such as grenades and mines, to bolster their offensive abilities.

Spawn Weapons

Icon Weapon Description
Pistol The pistol’s primary fire deals a moderate amount of damage at a fairly fast rate of fire over a respectable distance. Because it has no bullet drop nor spread, it is a useful tool for picking off weak enemies when loadout weapons are low on ammunition or to stall regeneration speed.

Loadout weapons

These weapons can be chosen in the profile setup game menu under loadouts, and it is possible to change the weapon selection mid-match by pausing and going through the menus. Note that one or both of the loadout weapon slots can be randomized, and the randomization option can be selected, although not per slot.

Icon Weapon Description
Sword The energy sword deals a decent amount of damage with its primary attack and is capable of one shot kills for those capable of timing and aiming its bleed-inducing secondary attack, or, if not fully charged, inducing the bleed effect. The generous hitbox afforded to the primary of the sword makes it a much more tenable melee option than other options.
Shotgun The super shotgun shoots 25 (needs confirming) pellets in a fairly wide spread to a fairly short effective range. For longer range damage, the secondary fire is capable of lobbing bleed-inducing shrapnel significantly farther. While the primary is as deadly as anything at close range, the shotgun has to reload in pairs of bullets at a time, making its user vulnerable to attack if time is not afforded to allow the user to reload.
Submachine Gun While hard to control, the submachine gun deals very heavy damage at short to medium range. At medium and longer ranges, the SMG can still do damage in bursts, but it is very difficult to maintain accuracy at long ranges at full auto. The SMG has an airbust secondary fire that hurls a ball of shrapnel in a medium distance. While a very useful medium range weapon, the submachine gun is prone to emptying its ammunition quickly if the user is careless, which can be exploited by attentive opponents.
Flamer Another ammunition-limited weapon, the flamethrower can deal immense damage very quickly via its stream of fire which lances out in front of it. The flamethrower is not a weapon for the careless though; the operator can quickly find themselves in the midst of their own weapon’s flames if they are not prudent about avoiding them. The flamer also has a secondary attack, capable of launching opponents into the air; this is especially useful as a sword deterrent.
Plasma The plasma inductor has a medium range primary fire with a larger hit radius but a slow projectile speed. While it requires good shot-leading skills, its larger hit radius means it is capable of consistent, if unexceptional, damage rates. The secondary fire requires charging, but releases a large orb of plasma energy which pulls all living matter to it’s center dealing an exceptionally large amount of damage, usually enough to kill.
Zapper The zapper has an extremely high rate of fire with low recoil and further range, but is lacking in damage. The secondary fire is a charged, tight spread, shotgun like blast that causes the shock
Rifle The longest ranged, highest damaging weapon in the game. When unscoped it outputs a reasonable amount of damage but at a slow rate of fire. When scoped in has a long charge delay, uses 2 bullets, but deal substantially more damage, enough to frag an unbuffed opponent with a headshot. However, it is heavy, and has limited ammunition.


Explosive weapons can be collected from certain spots of the arena. Unlike other weapons, they cannot be reloaded.

Exception: In kaboom games, players start with grenades and mines that reload over time.

Icon Weapon Description
Grenade Grenades can be used as either fragmentation (grenade primary) or sticky (grenade secondary) weapons. The primary fragmentation mode deals deadly damage over a large radius after 2.5 seconds (though the grenade can be held in hand by holding down LMB to adjust its detonation time); the secondary sticky mode deals less damage over a smaller radius, but sticks to whatever it touches, including players.
Mine The mine, like the grenade, can be used in two modes: explosive (mine primary) or beam (mine secondary). Neither can be destroyed during its 45 second lifetime, and as a result mines are useful tactical devices capable of changing the flow of the game. As such, mines are rare weapons, only spawning every minute on the few areas on maps upon which they appear. The primary explosive mode detonates and inflicts a slowing shock effect upon those unfortunate enough to end up in their midst, while the secondary instantly kills those who traverse its trigger beam, even if he or she is far away from the mine.
Rocket Launcher The rocket launcher is present on most maps, but is usually hidden and usually requires parkour to obtain, however it is the most powerful weapon in the game, as a direct hit can instantly kill multiple players. It has two firing modes: The primary mode like a normal rocket launcher, which fires a straight rocket to the target, the secondly mode fires a guided rocket, it will fly to the target which your crosshair aim at.

Weapon weight

Each weapon has a different weight. In general, the heavier the weapon, the more powerful it is, but you will move slower than other players who use lighter weapons. Here are some info you want to know:

Status effects

Some weapons induce status ailments that inflict some damage over time and last for about five seconds. Useful to delay enemy health recovery. Multiple effects can be stacked. See the main article for more.


The player model is split into 3 parts which determine how much damage is applied to them: head, torso and legs. All damage values determined by the weapon specific variables apply to the head. The torso and legs then take a variable percentage of that damage value, sometimes higher (like the flamer’s secondary fire) but usually smaller than the head damage.

Weapon variables

When playing offline or as a server operator, almost all aspects of game rules can be tuned and modified using the console to control thousands of variables. This includes a large array of variables for each weapon that give you deep control of the weapon characteristics.

Weapon IDs

Weapon numbers or IDs are used for certain variables, for instance when defining the weapon for the instagib game mutator or when referring to some particle presets. The following table gives a compact overview of the available weapons slots and their IDs. For some variables, such as fragweap, an additional ID refers to the secondary fire mode.

Frag and flak vars

Variables related to flak or fragmentation give a plethora of options for creating weapon mods. However, the use of these variables can be rather confusing.