Frag Grenade

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Utility Power Difficulty
Adaptable (☆☆☆) Extreme (☆☆☆☆☆) Expert (☆☆☆☆☆☆)


Without a doubt, the hardest weapon to use in this game. The Frag Grenade relies a lot on your inertia for the throws, and timing this thing accurately so that it explodes in someone’s face is not easy, even when there’s a crowd of people in front of you. More on how to properly use it later. But even in spite of that, not only does the Frag Grenade instantly kill anything close enough to its epicenter, but anything it doesn’t kill will either be bleeding or burning to death. Yep, it causes two different status effects, sometimes at once! One is caused by being caught in the grenade’s blast, the other is achieved by stray shrapnel that fly off of it (Although the shrapnel are disabled for Instagib. Not that it matters, since you kill people instantly anyway.)


And speaking of fire modes, the primary throws a grenade that bounces off of terrain. This lets you hit things from behind cover, and sometimes helps when you overshoot your throw a little, since a nearby wall may help you redirect the projectile where it should be. Even not cooking that nade too much can help you score a kill if you’re lucky. If you directly hit an enemy with it, it will bounce off of them and onto the ground.


The alt fire throws a sticky grenade instead. Same physics, same throw mechanics, but it makes it better in certain other scenarios. Of course, you will want to stick the grenade to your opponent, because that will cause a guaranteed kill, but if you can’t, another good option is laying a temporary “trap” behind yourself on the ground or the wall while you’re being chased. It can be a good surprise tool when you do not have a clear line of sight and don’t want to risk a miss with a ricochet.


Both fire modes throw the exact same lightly-gravitized projectile that lobs and tends to always overshoot upwards, requiring you to deliberately aim down to be more accurate - the only difference is in their response to the environment. Of course, your movement influences the way the nade is thrown the most. If you move to the left or to the right, the nade will have its throw biased towards either direction, emulating torque (but it’s not ACTUAL torque that’s put on the weapon, so the bouncing isn’t influenced, just keep that in mind). If you’re jumping, the nade will fly higher, and if you’re flying, it will be falling lower. A very important thing to understand about the grenade is that moving forward fast will actually boost your throw power a very significant amount, which makes dodging them very hard if you cook them to near-ignition and know what you’re doing.

Cooking nades works with either fire mode. It takes eight “pings” (about 4 seconds) emitted by the nade for it to explode, so you have a rather generous amount of time to kill somebody with it, which is both good if you want to do a precise short-range throw, and bad if you need to urgently kill the enemy. Two interesting grenade things: one, they can be shot off from the air. This makes it a bad idea to use against shotgunners or other projectile spammers sometimes. And two, if you die while holding a cooked (or not cooked) grenade, you will explode, taking everyone nearby with you. This is very useful to know, because that allows you to essentially hold hostage your enemies if they’re very close.


When somebody is using a Grenade, they give you a large, 4 seconds heads-up, allowing you to decide your next course of action. That is a lot in a firefight, considering most weapons can kill you in a second (sometimes less) with perfect accuracy. When you see someone preparing to throw a nade, get in their face as soon as possible so that they either refuse to direct it straight at you or blow themselves up with you. Be wary of any ricochets or misses - a grenade out of your line of sight can and will reduce you to bloody chunks if you’re not careful. You can also shoot down the grenades if you’re feeling adventurous, but if you’re close to somebody holding a grenade, do not kill them. Get away from them so they won’t blow you up as they die. Lastly, if a grenade is glued to you, do everyone a favor and get away from other players so that your killer does not score that many points.

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