Documentation - Install Guide


If you get a permission denied error during install, right click the installer and Run as Administrator. Alternatively, you can change the install location to a user-writable folder (like “[My] Documents”) during the install process.

GNU/Linux or BSD


More information and options.

Standard Package

From Source

From the command line:


If this is the first time running the app, the operating system complains that it can’t run an unsigned package, simply right (or cmd) click and select Open. In future you will be able to run the app as normal, this will override the warning for all future attempts. You can also do this from the command line.

If you get stuck

Don’t panic! If you have trouble working out how to install and run the game, you can get assistance on our Discord or Discussions. Please be ready to provide as much information as possible, especially what operating system you’re on and specifically which package you’re trying to install!