Name Rift
Author Alex “molexted” Foster
Filename rift
Release Date 2019-11-02
Introduced in 2.0.0
Size Medium (6-10)
Complexity Moderate
Theme Forest
Environmental Features N/A
Day/Night ✔/✔
Lights 131 (63/107/120)
Entities 693
Vertices 87k
Triangles 120k
Vslots 271
Recommend Modes CTF, TDM


This is the map formerly known by its assigned layout name, ctf13.

Tripartiate map with alpha and omega bases at the far corners. The long chasms leave players exposed to rifle fire, while the tight corridors are suitable for ambushes.

Notes & Strategies

Spawn Register

Weapon/Item Count
Sword 2
Shotgun 2
Flamer 2
Plasma 2
Zapper 2
Rifle 2
Grenade 4
Mine 2
Rocket 0