Name Ennui
Author Alex “molexted” Foster
Filename ennui
Release Date 2019-11-02
Introduced in 2.0.0
Size Medium (2-6)
Complexity Simple
Theme Skyscrapers
Environmental Features Rain
Day/Night ✔/✔
Lights 139 (39/106/121)
Entities 344
Vertices 102k
Triangles 122k
Vslots 455
Recommend Modes FFA


This is the map formerly known by its assigned layout name, ffs35.

Simple, but relatively large, layout capable of duel, survivor, or medium FFAs. Bridges cross the exposed center of the map, making long range combat viable.

Notes & Strategies

Spawn Register

Weapon/Item Count
Sword 1
Shotgun 2
Flamer 2
Plasma 2
Zapper 1
Rifle 1
Grenade 3
Mine 1
Rocket 0