Name Auster
Author Alex “molexted” Foster
Filename auster
Release Date 2019-07-11
Introduced in 2.0.0
Size Small (2-4)
Complexity Simple
Theme Desert (on exterior)
Environmental Features None
Day/Night ✔/✔
Lights 137 (41/80/110)
Entities 334
Vertices 46k
Triangles 65k
Vslots 395
Recommend Modes Duel


This is the map formerly known by its assigned layout name, ffs33.

Small duel-centric map with three levels and no teleporters or jumpers. Sunset lighting provided for alt mode and broad daylight in normal mode.

This is the first complete map done with phillipk’s normal maps over flat diffuse textures; the skeletons of phillipk’s textures are visible but muted in this map.

Notes & Strategies

Spawn Register

Weapon/Item Count
Sword 1
Shotgun 1
Flamer 1
Plasma 1
Zapper 1
Rifle 1
Grenade 4
Mine 1
Rocket 0