Name Rooftop
Author FaTony
Filename rooftop
Release Date 2014-10-30
Removed in 1.5.8
Size Large (6-10)
Complexity Medium
Theme Skyscraper
Environmental Features Skyscraper
Day/Night ✔/✖
Lights 189
Entities 386
Vertices ~240 000
Triangles ~212 000
Recommend Modes Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Bomber Ball


Twin towers of opposing colors stand poised for conflict at the top. Watch out for people in the corridors underneath the Omega base and above the Alpha base.

This map is no longer included with the game. (Removed in 1.5.8)

Notes & Strategies

Spawn Register

Weapon/Item Count
Sword 2
Shotgun 3
Flamer 2
Plasma 3
Zapper 4
Rifle 2
Grenade 10
Mine 5
Rocket 1