Name Fatal Error
Author blarg
Filename error
Release Date 2011-01-11
Size Medium/Large (6-10)
Complexity Advanced
Theme Futuristic
Environmental Features Lava
Day/Night ✔/✔
Lights 44
Entities 125
Vertices ~42 000
Triangles ~30 000
Recommend Modes Deathmatch, Duel


This tight map lost none of it’s Quake III charm when it was ported. Proving Grounds is reincarnated as Fatal Error. Boasting a convoluted layout and bright lighting, this old-timer proves it’s always good to be back for seconds.

Notes & Strategies

Spawn Register

Weapon/Item Count
Sword 0
Shotgun 2
Flamer 1
Plasma 1
Zapper 1
Rifle 1
Grenade 4
Mine 2
Rocket 1