Red Eclipse features a parkour system, that allows you to navigate maps in many different ways.

The impulse system

Parkour is limited to 6 successive moves in a row by default. Touching the ground will start charging the impulse move count. You can strategically use this to hop / slide / vault / wall run / dash around a map and gain momentum to speed past your opponents.

You can show your current move count on the HUD by checking

or alternatively by opening the in-game console and typing /showmovecount 1


Name Description
Jump The most simple way to move about, press [SPACE] to jump
Impulse Jump Pressing [SPACE] a second time after jumping will allow you to double jump. You can also use this to jump sideways.
Wall run Pressing [Q] whilst running towards a wall, will place you into a wall run. Tapping [Q] whilst you are already in a wall run, will allow you to gain speed. Be cautious of the move counts, as once you run out of moves you will also stop wall running.
Wall climb If you face a vertical wall straight-on and press [Q], you will run vertically upwards. It usually helps to aim upwards when using this.
Slide Holding [SHIFT] just as you land on the ground will put you into a slide, you can use this to gain speed whilst moving around the map. Sliding into other players will perform a melee attack. You can also exploit this mechanic to slide through gaps that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to walk under. Aiming upwards and jumping at the end of a slide can allow you to jump higher.
Vault Pressing [Q] whilst running towards a low obstacle (such as a small wall) will cause the player to quickly hop over the obstacle. You can move about much faster using this in succession.
Dash (*) Dashing can be used to quickly move out of the way, or to help gain speed whilst moving about the map. Pressing [F] will perform a dash, but you can also double tap the [W],[A],[S],[D] keys to dash in a specific direction
Impulse Pound (*) After jumping, pressing [SHIFT] + [SPACE] will make you boost vertically downwards. This can be used to quickly change direction of free-fall movement. This ability can also be used to deal melee damage to a player from above.

(*): Currently only available in the development branch.