Importing Models

Supported Formats

Redeclipse supports several model formats;

Models that require a bone for positioning, or contain animations will need to be exported as IQM. We reccomend using Blender for 3D modelling, due to the IQM exporter.

An IQM exporter can be obtained here: Pick the lastest version of the plugin if using blender 3.0+.


Exported models are loaded using a config file. If using the obj format, you will need an obj.cfg file. When using IQM, you will need an iqm.cfg file.

An example obj.cfg:

// obj.cfg
objload path/to/mesh.obj
objskin * path/to/diffuse.png
objbumpmap * path/to/normal.png
mdlscale 1000

and similarly iqm.cfg:

// iqm.cfg
iqmload path/to/mesh.iqm
iqmskin * path/to/diffuse.png
iqmbumpmap * path/to/normal.png
mdlscale 250



This example uses a mesh exported for use as an obj model.

Within blender:

save your mesh.obj file to the same folder as your obj.cfg

A correctly configured example of a model can be found here; Download this map and model. Extract the two folders to the root directory of your local data folder. Load the example map in game with by running map monkey at the console. You should see Blender’s default monkey mesh present within the map.


This example uses a mesh exported for use as an iqm model.

An IQM model requires at least one bone present.

Within blender:

You can now export your model to iqm, make sure the mesh and the armature is selected. For now you can use the default settings within the exporter, save your mesh.iqm file to the same folder as your iqm.cfg

Loading models

Models can be loaded into the game in various ways.


Mapmodels can be loaded into a map during an editing session by running mmodel path/to/model. You can then find it at the last index on the mapmodel entity. When saving the map, mmodel path/to/model will be automatically ammended to the maps own cfg file. You can also manually edit the map config to register mapmodels for use in a map.

Player Vanities

Vanities are defined in vanities/package.cfg, and need to be exported as IQM as per requiring a bone for positioning.