/newent actor

Actor entities are used to spawn additional enemies in the onslaught mutator. If no actor entities are present within a map, they will default to use the playerstart entities instead.

An actor entity, can allow you to select specific weapons / personality of the actor that spawns in this location.


/newent affinity

Affinities are entities that set the positional location of flags, capture points, bomberball spawns, etc. These are usually placed with modebit and mutsbit set to the corresponding bitwise value for specific game modes / mutators.


/newent camera

These entities are used when spectating with spectv. These can be linked to rails to allow them to move around.


/newent checkpoint

The checkpoint entity is used to track progress in the Race game mode. When a player dies during Race, they will respawn at the last checkpoint.


/newent decal

The decal entity is used to project a texture onto cube geometry. This allows you to add extra detail, such as stains, logos, graffiti or even animations such as raindrops.


/newent envmap

Creates an environment map reflecting the geometry around the entity. The optional radius overrides the maximum distance within which glass or geometry using the “bumpenv*” shaders will reflect from this environment map. If none is specified, the default is taken from the variable envmapradius (which defaults to 128 units), which may also be set in map cfgs. Environment maps are generated on a map load, or can be regenerated whilst editing using the recalc command.


/newent light

The light entity is used to add point lights. They can be configured with the following attributes;

# Name Description
1 radius The maximum radius of light emmited by the entity
2 red The red channel (0-255)
3 green The green channel (0-255)
4 blue The blue channel (0-255)
5 flare Lens flare
6 fscale The scale of the lens flare
7 flags Additional bitwise flags for no-shadow, static, no-specular, volumetric effects.
8 palette The type of colour palette to use
9 palindex The index of the chosen colour palette
10 variant Determines if the entity appears in both map variants or only one
11 fxlevel Determines if the entity will be rendered based on the users map effects setting


/newent lightfx

An entity that can linked to light entities, to apply additional effects such as a spotlight. When linked to a light entity, the light entity takes on the additional properties of the lightfx. See links for more information on how to link these together.


/newent mapmodel

A map model, i.e. a polygon mesh rendered as md3/md5/obj/iqm which you collide against, cast shadows etc. Mapmodels are useful for interactive objects that may require an animation, or for placing detail within a map for things that cannot be made within the octree.


/newent particle

Particles allow you to add fire, rain, lasers, snow, etc.


/newent playerstart

Players spawn from these entities.


/newent pusher

A pusher entity gives you a push in the direction specified. These can be used for creating jumppads, boosters, or even simulating wind that blows the player in a specific direction.


/newent rail

Rails are a new feature in the development branch. Entities can be linked to a rail, enabling them to move around the map. These are used to add spectv cameras to a map, or to make mapmodels/lights move around as true dynamic objects.


/newent route

The route entities are used to add possible paths that the player can follow to complete a lap in Race mode.

These are easier to place by using /droproute 1 similar as to how waypoints are placed.


/newent sound

Will play a map-specific sound so long as the player is within the radius. By default (size 0), the sound is a point source. Its volume is maximal at the entity’s location, and tapers off to 0 at the radius. Radius is always defined as distance from the entity’s location. Sound entities can also be linked to other entities, such as mapmodels (allowing you to play a sound when a door is opened).


/newent teleport

A teleport entity does exactly what you’d expect. Linking two of these together will act as arrival/destination for a teleport mechanism.


/newent trigger

A trigger is used to create events. For example; A proximity trigger will allow you to open a door automatically when a player enters the radius of the trigger entity. Triggers are mostly useful when linked to other entities.


/newent weapon

The weapon entity is used to place weapon spawns within a map.


/newent wind

A wind entity allows a mapmodel with the correct vertex painting applied, to sway around with a simulated wind effect.