Documentation - Trademark Policy


General Guidelines

The purpose of the Red Eclipse mark policy is to encourage the widespread use of Red Eclipse marks by the community while controlling the use of the marks in order to avoid confusion on the part of software users and the general public, to maintain the value of the image and reputation of the marks and to protect them from inappropriate or unauthorized use.

Any use of any Red Eclipse mark must be in accordance with this policy. Any use that does not comply with our trademark policy is not authorized.

Marks cover the following items: The name “Red Eclipse”, the Red Eclipse emblem (without text) and the Red Eclipse logo (with word art text).

Do not assume that this policy will answer every question about the use of Red Eclipse marks, if in doubt, contact the Red Eclipse project.


The Red Eclipse project delcares that:

  1. For the purposes of tax, trademarks, copyrights, and ownership, Red Eclipse is considered to be the property of Mr Quinton Reeves as sole proprietor executed from the province of Australia, as is produced as a hobby project for no profit.

  2. For the purposes of identifying adjoining identifying names for tax, trademarks, copyrights, and ownership, the following terms are considered synonymous with the sole proprietor of the project, Mr Quinton Reeves:
    • Red Eclipse
    • Red Eclipse Community
    • Red Eclipse Developer(s)
    • Red Eclipse Owner(s)
    • Red Eclipse Project
    • Red Eclipse Team
  3. The official contact methods are, but not limited to:
    • Email:
    • Discussions:
    • Bugs and Issues:
  4. Personal information and contact details for Mr Quinton Reeves is available to eligible organisations on request. Please email:

Permitted Use

You may use the marks without prior written permission (subject to the following terms):

  1. To refer to the Red Eclipse software in substantially unmodified form.

“Substantially unmodified” for source code means built from the source code provided by The Red Eclipse project, possibly with minor modifications including but not limited to: the enabling or disabling of certain features by default, translations into other languages, changes required for compatibility with a particular operating system distribution, the inclusion of bug-fix patches, or the bundling of additional extensions.

“Substantially unmodified” for gameplay and art means using the game data provided by The Red Eclipse project, possibly with minor modifications, for example including additional maps, artwork, and sounds. The gameplay and art needs to closely resemble that of Red Eclipse in it’s unmodified form, and not create an unfair advantage in gameplay.

Example: You may modify Red Eclipse to start in windowed mode by default, but if you set the gravity in the game to zero, this counts as a substantial modification.

Example: You may modify the laser beams to be green instead of purple, but if you change all the weapon models into fresh fruits, this counts as a substantial modification.

  1. To identify Red Eclipse as a distinct component of a software offering.

  2. To factually refer to The Red Eclipse project itself, its products, or its protocols.

    Example: You may use “Bob’s Add-ons for Red Eclipse” or “Bob’s forum for Red Eclipse” but not “Bob’s Red Eclipse”.

  3. When referring to Red Eclipse that is substantially modified, to say that such software is a “derivative of” or “based on” Red Eclipse. You may use the marks as part of the name of a product designed to work with Red Eclipse, so long as the name as a whole (via its other components) clearly and unambiguously distinguishes the product from Red Eclipse, and the general presentation of the product does not imply any official association or identity with the Red Eclipse project.

Non Permitted Use

You may not use the marks in the following ways:

  1. In any way likely to cause confusion as to the identity of the Red Eclipse project, the origin of its software, or the software’s license.

  2. In any way that indicates a greater degree of association between you and Red Eclipse project than actually exists.

  3. In any way that implies a designated successor to Red Eclipse (e.g., “Red Eclipse++” is not permitted).

  4. In any way that indicates that the Red Eclipse project favours one distribution, platform, product, etc. over another except where explicitly indicated in writing by the Red Eclipse project.

  5. In any way that promotes the use of third party services over those provided by Red Eclipse.

  6. In any way that could be deemed harmful or disruptive to the Red Eclipse community and/or project.

Thus uses of the marks in a domain name or company name without explicit written permission from the Red Eclipse project are prohibited.

The Red Eclipse project reserves the sole right to:

  1. Determine compliance with this policy.

  2. Modify this policy to preserve the rights of Red Eclipse, the public, the community, and the users. The latest version of the Red Eclipse Mark Policy should be available at

  3. Grant exceptions to this policy, of any kind and for any reason whatsoever, other clauses notwithstanding.

Other Use

If you have questions regarding the policy, or if any of the examples are unclear, feel free to contact the Red Eclipse project using the details provided in the declaration above.

If you would like to use the Red Eclipse marks for any other use, please contact us and we’ll discuss a way to make that happen. We don’t have strong objections to people using the name for their websites and businesses, but we do need the chance to review such use.

In other words, it’s not a big deal, and a short conversation (via the forums for example) should clear everything up in short order.

If you currently have a product that is using the Red Eclipse marks in a way that don’t follow this policy, don’t panic. Let us know, and we’ll work it out, as described above.


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