Documentation - System Requirements

The next release of Red Eclipse, 2.0, is based on the Tesseract engine, which is much more GPU heavy than the outgoing Cube 2 engine. To see if your current computer is up to the task of RE 2.0, check with the system requirements listed below.



HD 3000 series, 3850 and higher

HD 4000 series, 4670 and higher

HD 5000 series, 5570 and higher

HD 6000 series, 6570 and higher

HD 7000 series, 7570 and higher

Rx 200 series, R7 250 and higher

Rx 300 series, R7 350 and higher

Rx 400 series, any

Rx 500 series, any


Geforce 8 series, 8800GS and higher

Geforce 9 series, 9600GSO and higher

Geforce 200 series, GT 220 and higher

Geforce 400 series, GT 420 and higher

Geforce 500 series, GT 520 and higher

Geforce 600 series, GT 610 and higher

Geforce 700 series, any

Geforce 900 series, any

Gefoce 1000 series, any


Clarkdale/Arrandale Integrated (Ironlake, i3-***, i5-***, i7-***, Pentium G9***) is not officially supported.

Sandy Bridge, HD 3000 (i3-2***M, i5–2***M, i7–2***M, i5–25**K, i7–26**K) Sandy Bridge GT1 (Pentium B8**,Pentium B9**, Pentium G6**) is not officially considered adequate.

Ivy Bridge, HD 4000 (i3-3***, i5-3***, i7-37**) Ivy Bridge GT1 (Pentium G2***, Pentium 20**/21**M) is playable, but may be choppy.

Haswell, any (Celeron G18**, Pentium G32**, Pentium G34**, i3-4***, i5-4***, i7-47**)

Broadwell, any (i3-5***, i5-5***, i7-5***)

Skylake, any (Celeron G3***, Pentium G45**, i3-6***, i5-6***, i7-6***)

Kaby Lake, any (i3-7***, i5-7***, i7-7***)

Kaby Lake, any (i5-8***M, i7-8***M)*mfw intel don't do this refresh shit*

Covfefe Lake, any (i3-8***, i5-8***, i7-8***)

Bay Trail (Celeron J, Celeron N, Atom Z3***, Pentium J, Pentium N) is not officially considered adequate



The integrated graphics on these chipsets are woefully inadequate, but if you put a GPU on one of these boards for some reason these CPUs should be playable:

Nano L2100/2200

Nano L3025/3050/3600

Nano L4800E


K10, Athlon II/Phenom II, any

K10.5, A6-3***/A8-3***, any

Bulldozer, FX/A6/A8/A10, any

Zen, R3/R5/R7, any


Core i3/m3

Core i5/m5

Core i7/m7

Pentium G****

Celery G****

Core 2 Duo P****

Core 2 Duo T****

Core 2 Duo E****

Core 2 Quad

Pentium E2***

Pentium B***


2 GiB of whatever, DDR2 or higher (pls no RDRAM pentium 4s)

For APUs/faster integrated graphics, dual channel operation is highly recommended. Tesseract is a rather bandwidth heavy game and neutering one of the RAM channels will impact performance significantly.


About 800mb for a full install.