Documentation - Statistics System

The statistics system, introduced after 1.5.3, records results of games and sends them to a central database on the master server.

Enable statistic system

Add or edit this lines inside your servinit.cfg

sv_serverstats 1 // Your server must have thes flag in its auth for this to take effect.
serverauthkey [handle] [key] // Authorization key to validate stats server.

Sending Process

Web Interface

The statistics web interface/API is at /stats.
It runs alongside the master server and reads from the sqlite database to return sorted data about games, maps, players, modes, and weapons.


The only information collected by the system about a player’s identity is their nickname and their authentication handle.
IP addresses are not collected, and tracking can only be done via auth handle. Unauthenticated users will only appear in game pages, they will not have a player page.