Documentation - Materials


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/showmat \[0|1\] (or 'M' Key) toggles the visibility of material volumes.
/air deletes all materials within the selection.
/water creates water within the selected. Use water2, water3, and water4 if more variants are wanted.
/lava creates lava within the selection. Use lava2, lava3, and lava4 if more variants are wanted
/glass creates glass material within the selection. It is recommended that Alpha material is used instead of glass.
/alpha converts selected geometry to Alpha material. The transparency level of the selected material can be adjusted with the /valpha command. Default: /valpha 0.5 Min: /valpha 0.0 (invisible) Max: /valpha 1.0 (normal)
/death creates invisible death material within the selection. Whenever a player's feet enter this material they are killed instantly.
/clip creates an invisible wall within the selection area.
/aiclip prevents ai waypoints from being created within the bounded volume.
/noclip enables the player and projectiles to pass through the bounded geometry.
/ladder allows players to climb the bounded vertical geometry.
/hurt damages players according to /hurtdamage (Remember damage is ten times HP).