Documentation - Glossary

The following list explains some commonly used terms and acronyms.

term Description
afk away from keyboard. When spectators go AFK, they can and should alter their /name accordingly. Going AFK on a nearly full server can result in a kick.
auth authentication, a key for registered players to identify. Often used as synonym for player accounts or privileges.
bb bomber-ball, a game mode. Or bye bye.
bot usually refers to an A.I. controlled player. Not to confuse with aim-bot, a client side modification that is considered cheating according to the Multiplayer Guidelines.
cc creative-commons license, typically used for licensing of contributions.
cfg file format (raw text) to store configuration data and cubeScript. Also used for map configuration data, such as lists of textures, sounds and mapmodels in use.
ctf capture-the-flag or just capture, a popular game mode.
dac defend-and-control or just defend, a game mode.
dm deathmatch, a basic game mode.
dmo file format for recorded game protocols, which allows demo playback of the game action, so the matches can be replayed from any point of view.
dnc defend-and-control or just defend, a game mode.
ent entities placed on maps, such as weapons, mapmodels or enemies.
ffa free-for-all, a game mutator to play without teams.
gg good game, a typical chat comment at the end of a match.
gaud the official unit for gaudiness. 100° C is hot enough to vaporize your eyeballs; likewise 100 gaud is gaudy enough to do the same. For an example of a 100-gaud map, see Map Rooftop
insta instagib, a game mutator for one-hit-kills, disabled by default.
mat materials define special properties of map volumes, such as filling an area with water or clipping.
mod moderator, a player with elevated privileges. Mod can also stand for client modifications.
mpz file format to store most content of a map, including all geometry, entity positions and lightmaps.
muts game mutators, special game rules that can be added and combined for a more diverse game experience.
nade grenade, a collectible explosive weapon.
ogg container format for vorbis audio, used for music and sound files.
op operator, a player with advanced privileges. Or just OverPowered.
pzap a typical taunt or chat comment, echoism of a rifle shot.
runner players with a preference for parkour and agile game-play, like race games or hit-and-run tactics in capture-the-flag or bomber-ball games.
sg shotgun, a short ranged loadout weapon.
smg sub-machine-gun, a rapid fire loadout weapon.
spec spectate or going into spectator mode, allows to watch the game action from any player’s point of view.
svn subversion, a software versioning and revision control system. SVN was used for Red Eclipse prior to the migration to github.
tk team kill. Killing your team mates is penalized with point loss, and players can get kicked or banned automatically for a certain number of team kills.
trial time-trial, the former mode name for race games in versions 1.0 to 1.4.
wpt file format to store waypoints for a map, a navigation mesh that allows bots to move much more efficiently.