Documentation - Debug

To submit a bug report that concerns a crash to the Red Eclipse Team, it is helpful to have a backtrace.

Windows (64 bit)

You must download and install Code::Blocks for easiest building on Windows.

Setting up Code::Blocks

Compiling Red Eclipse

Running Red Eclipse and Retrieving the Backtrace


On Linux-based systems, you can use GDB to get a backtrace:

First you must compile with debug symbols:

make -Csrc clean && CXXFLAGS=-ggdb3 make -Csrc install

Then run with GDB:

gdb src/redeclipse_linux

Inside GDB, to start Red Eclipse:


Once Red Eclipse has crashed, GDB will catch this and present a prompt. At this prompt run:

bt full

This will produce a backtrace, copy and paste this to an accessible place such as a crash report on the Red Eclipse forum or a paste service to be linked on IRC.