Documentation - Contributing

This guide is a basic introduction to the development model for Red Eclipse, including the procedure for submitting modifications and creating new ideas. It is suggested you read this in its entirety before starting any development related work, as it contains vital information regarding proper etiquette.


Red Eclipse development is done with GIT. From there, you are able to create Issues or Pull Requests (these link to the “base” module, there are separate modules for game data and “site”). If you are unfamiliar with GIT it is recommended to read a few tutorials on the net in order to avoid asking embarrassing questions. GitHub brings the advantage of a familiar interface with a robust set of features aimed at improving collaborative development and built to handle most of what users need from it, including help documentation.

The tree is split up into the following:

If you are on Windows and don’t like the official GitHub application you can try MSysGit or TortoiseGit. If you are on Linux you should be able to obtain the git command line tools from your distribution/package manager.

Here’s a rundown of how to setup a new repository:

git clone --recurse-submodules redeclipse

Content/Idea/Proposal Guidelines

Issue Reporting Guidelines

General Guidelines

If you are unsure about how to license your work, Creative Commons provides a handy selection tool for their licenses at and Red Eclipse content is generally licensed “CC by-sa” (Attribution-ShareAlike), unless otherwise specified:


A Note on Commit Messages

As of yet, there are no strict rules for formatting of commit messages. However, it is good practice to keep commit messages clean and simple while providing a relatively clear idea of what the commit entails.